середа, 9 березня 2016 р.

Settings program blender before work

Hi every one. I use custom interaction, i made interaction for myself, and recommend it to you. Because, may be a case, i use one hot keys, and you try, and you do it does not work, so you can download interaction, clicking on this LINK.

GitHub: https://github.com/3DMish/Blender-Interaction-3dmish

Interaction 3DMish

1. Install this interaction is very simple,
go to User preferences...
2. When opening settings,
go to the tab "Input"
3. Click on the button
"Import Key Configuration"
4. Choose the downloaded file, and select it in the list,
5. Do not forget to put check on
"Invert Mouse Zoom Direction"
6. And push on button "Save User Settings"

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